A verification badge is a checkmark that appears next to your name on Dropables. It signifies that your account is legitimate and has been verified by us. Verification badges are typically granted to public figures, celebrities, and brands, along with musicians and artists.

Benefits of Having a Verification Badge for Musicians and Artists:

  1. Enhances Credibility: Having a verification badge on a musician or artist’s profile increases credibility. It shows that the account is authentic and verified by Dropables, which can make fans and followers more likely to trust and engage with the account.

  2. Increases Visibility: Verification badges can help musicians and artists stand out in crowded online spaces. They make it easier for fans and followers to find and follow the artist’s profile, increasing their visibility and reach.

  3. Protects Against Imposters: Verification badges can help protect musicians and artists against imposters who may create fake accounts using their name. This can be especially important for artists who sell their music or digital assets online, as it ensures that fans are purchasing from the legitimate account.

  4. Increases Opportunities: Having a verification badge on social media can open up new opportunities for musicians and artists. It can lead to collaborations with other verified accounts, partnerships with brands, and even media coverage.

  5. Boosts Professionalism: Verification badges can help musicians and artists present themselves as professional and established. This can be especially important for artists who sell their music or digital assets online, as it shows that they are serious about their craft and their online presence.

How to Obtain a Verification Badge:

Obtaining a verification badge on Dropables can be a difficult and time-consuming process. The specific requirements and process for obtaining a badge can include the following: Provide proof of identity and public presence. This may include providing official documents such as a driver’s license or a passport, as well as links to their website, press coverage, and other online profiles. We may even ask to jump on a quick video chat just to ensure you are who you say you are. We take the verification process serious as we want to ensure all users have the best experience on Dropables.

If you are ready to get verified to enhance your credibility, increase visibility, protect against imposters, open up new opportunities, and boost your professionalism; then get started below and we’ll be in touch to start the verification process. 

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