How to Guide: Installing MetaMask

How To Guide: Creating Your First Collection & Digital Asset

Make sure to Connect your wallet. Dropables supports MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. 

Step 1: Create a collection on the blockchain you want to mint your Digital Asset on. We recommend using Polygon (MATIC) for its low transaction fees and speed.

Step 1: Create a collection on the blockchain you want to mint your Digital Asset on. We recommend using Polygon (MATIC) for its low transaction fees and speed.

Step 2: Select which type of Collection. Single Collections are for NFT’s that are super unique and rare. They are essentially 1 of a kind. Multiple Collections are for Digital Assets that you want to make more than 1 copy.

Step 3: Next you’ll need to choose if you want to mint a collection off-chain or on-chain. It’s free to mint collections off the blockchain or you can create a collection on the blockchain and you’ll pay the gas fees. *Gas fees are the costs associated with using the blockchain network.

Step 4: Fill out the name, symbol, description. Then upload a logo image and banner. You can also add social media links or website links to help your fans interact with you or your brand. Once completed, click the Create Collection button. 

If you chose to create on the blockchain; you wallet will open up and ask you to confirm the transaction. There will be a gas fee associated with creating on-chain collections.

Now its time to create your Digital Asset (NFT)

Start by navigating to the Create Digital Asset (NFT) page.

Select the Blockchain you want to create your NFT on. We recommend Polygon for their low fees and speed. 

Select the type of Digital Asset you want to create. Chose between a Single or Multiple type of asset.

Choose a cover photo or a sample clip. You will upload the actual assets your fans will unlock once they purchase below. This will be viewable to the public. Make sure to compress the file as much as possible to ensure quick load times. 

Go through the form and enter the Name, Description and if you have chosen the Multiples; you can enter how many copies you want to make. Then set a price for each unit. If you select the Single Type; then you’ll only be creating one.

Toggle the switch next to each item if you want to enable them. For Split Payments; you can enter as many wallets addresses as you’d like and their percentages. Just make sure it totals 100%.

If you want to earn revenue on secondary sales. Set a royalty amount and the wallets you’ve setup in the split payments will earn each time your asset is sold. 

Toggle the Unlockable Content switch and Upload a File or Files. These are the files your buyers and fans will be able to access once they own your NFT.

If you want to cover the gas fees and listing fees. Leave the Lazy Minting option off. If you want to mint you NFT completely free and let the buyers cover the fees; then toggle the Lazy Minting option on.

Choose a category to drop your NFT in. If you don’t see a category that suits your Digital Asset; send us a message on the Support Ticket Discord Channel and we’ll add it for you.

Then you’ll want to select the Collection you just made from the steps above.

If you want to add metadata to your NFT, click the Blue Button that says “Advanced Options” and click the PLUS symbol to add them. 

Thats it. Just click Create NFT and you will just need to confirm the transaction via your wallet app (MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet).